​Jeremy Foo
​Co-Founder and CEO of ​Prospr

​As Co-Founder and CEO of Prospr Communications, Jeremy formed a Public Relations Agency from ground up, developing a 25 man team in a short span of 2 years. In the process, he has made it Singapore & Malaysia’s fastest growing PR agency. Focusing on the underserved start-up and small-medium enterprise (SME) market, Prospr is a champion for this segment, successfully more than 300 clients in this span. Some of Prospr’s clients include Breadtalk, Geneco, Style Theory, Cordlife, Biannce, Iuiga, Artbox, Viacom, GSK, Temasek Shophouse among others.

He also championed Singapore’s 1st PR workshops focused on helping young companies get their brand messages to the media. Having educated more than 1,000 of companies on the power of PR and with an intimate knowledge of the gaps in the start-up and SME market with regard to PR, Prospr aims to address this problem once and for all.