​Pavel Bulowski
​Co-Founder and CEO of Meiro

​​For the introverts, as some of you will understand, this place where we are supposed to talk about us is a very uncomfortable one but OK then.

Instead of telling you how great and hard working I am, I only want to tell you that throughout my short career, I have been extremely lucky with mentors and bosses who took a chance and gave me the opportunity to work with them. I believe that career path switches are important and ultimately add value to make a person whole and more Da Vinci-esque. I have originally started my path in hospitality (yup, If you have seen Tarantino's Four Rooms, Sam, that was me in my first job), opted in to get real work experience instead of joining mediocre quality higher education available to me at that time. In Four Seasons Hotels I discovered excellent business and customer-centric culture, went on to managing bar operations and accidentally becoming a sommelier. Eventually, I moved to corporate hospitality sales and had to put on a suit. Whenever I felt I learned all fundamentals, I moved on. To learn more, only to take that suite off eventually for good again.

Later on, I marveled the internet craze when joining an internet media company and getting a taste of online commerce and marketing platforms. Finally, I had an opportunity to join social media analytics company at an early stage and pioneer for them expansion to Asian markets. Currently, my babies are:

Meiro.io - where we build a Customer Data Platform software, to help enterprise organisations to connect behavioural data of their customers across touchpoints, consolidate them into insights and act upon these!

Shelovesdata.com - our community platform to introduce more women to data (as I am tired of working surrounded by IT dudes)