DM Summit Speaker Checklist

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Digital Marketing Summit Asia 2017 | 24-28 Apr 2017

Speaker Checklist (Updated 15 Feb 2017)

Administrative Matters

Provide Profile Photo, Bio, Company Logo.

 Confirm on Your Summit Session’s Topic Title.

Decide on Bonus Gifts-

– Great Suggestions: Exclusive Training Videos, Physical In-Person Workshops, eBooks, Physical Books, Extended Product Trials/Memberships

– Create landing page, if applicable (e.g. consultations)

 Confirm on any affiliate program that you have – We might be able to help you upsell.

Sign Speaker Agreement.

Pre-Call (If you need to clarify)

Schedule availability via email.

 Go through Speaker introduction pointers, possible Q&A questions.

Presentation Content Creation

Send Draft Presentation Slides.

– Prepare slides to share 5-10 minutes about yourself

– Prepare slides to share 35-45 minutes about the chosen topic

 Final slides to be used in recording

Video Recording (1-24 Mar 2017)

 We will be using Google Hangout for Recording, so make sure it works on your computer!

Make sure you have a suitable backdrop and quiet background for the video recording

 Select a high quality microphone


– Blue Yeti

– Blue Snowball

– Audio Technica AT2020

– Samson Meteor

– Shure SM-58

Select a HD webcam


– Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

– Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000

– Microsoft LifeCam Cinema

– Microsoft LifeCam Studio

– Logitech HD Webcam C270

Pre-Summit Marketing / Promotion

Promotion for the Summit will take place: 27 March 2017 onwards.

Receive your affiliate link.

Promote Digital Marketing Summit Asia 2017 to your list 2-3 weeks before the Summit.

Receive affiliate commissions!


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