April 20

The Case for Digital Transformation


As a keenly connected marketer, you know customers are increasingly digital-savvy when interacting with brands. But is your organisation’s digital approach keeping up?

The numbers show the huge benefits of staying in front of the digital interaction wave:

  • Consumers’ time spent in digital has more than doubled from 2.7 hours per day (2008) to 6 hours (2016).
  • Digital economy growth is a massive 10+% year on year, generating over $24 trillion in commerce.
  • Digital is the main reason why over half of the companies from the Fortune 500 have disappeared since 2000.
  • Over 67% of executives believe that Digital Transformation is a matter of business survival.

As you consider your evolving approach to engaging customers, think about how your organization is positioned to drive a customer centric, data smart engagement in real time across multiple channels. And how will this allow you to capitalize on the digital economy?

Tealium will be discussing how brands like McDonalds, Underarmour & Starbucks have successfully made the digital transition and share practical steps to address the three key obstacles hindering digital transformation progress. Make sure to sign up for Digital Marketing Summit Asia to join the session!

Meanwhile, check out this full report by Tealium on future-proofing your marketing technology.


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