April 23

Top 10 Threats Facing Today’s Agencies – And How To Solve Them


A lot of you are working in agencies and have told us about the biggest challenges faced in this environment. So we turned to the experts, Carl Witton and team at WorkBook for their views.

Here’s what the team at WorkBook shared with us:

Working with agencies every day, we tend to get under the skin of the organisation, big and small, independent and network.

In dealing with agency life on a day-to-day basis, hands-on and rumbling around in the very core of the company, we pick up on a lot of the issues that apply to all types of agency, the issues we actually work to solve at WorkBook.

In total, they can be boiled down to 10 major pains that seem to be common across the industry:

  1. Rate Cards
  2. Job Management
  3. Estimating/Budgeting/Job costing
  4. Time Entry
  5. Purchasing
  6. Client Billing
  7. Revenue Recognition
  8. Reporting
  9. Workflow approval
  10. Implementation considerations

All of the above are serious issues, and each can have an impeding consequence if broken. For every link broken or worn down in the chain, the machine will get slower, ultimately costing your agency time and money as each work area will slow down the next.

10 issues, 10 solutions?

At WorkBook, we’re constantly trying to improve every single administrative touchpoint for agencies. Each of the above issues are not one single issue to be treated as such, but something that must be treated and solved as a whole, rather.

The simple solution, of course, is systemising everything, and many still use everything from notes on paper, outdated and unresponsive spreadsheets that require constant maintenance, messy e-mail correspondences with prospects and clients, with little to no overview, and the sum of all this is a company that ends up wasting hours on end, thus pouring money down the drain.

When a noticeable portion of your retainer is wasted trying to manage the basics, one of two things will happen: 1) the product output will be half-hearted and shoddy, or 2) you’ll end up going over the budgeted hours to maintain creative integrity. Either way, you’re losing money.

So, how could you go about solving these matters? Well, for starters, you could go digital and keep it digital. No more handwritten notes or untracked e-mail strings. Think OCD and align everything.

And even here, there are multiple ways to go. Most tend to go with an array of smaller, specific systems; one for CRM, one for time reporting, another for rate cards, and yet another for billing and finance. But that solution will only replace the original problem with a cousin of that same problem – because those many different systems has to be linked and communicate.

Having 3-5 systems, or even just 2, that all employees has to work with – not to mention learn how to use – and then having someone committed to connecting the dots is in no way, shape or form a lean, profitable, or even pleasant way to work.

Get smart!

Carl Witton, CEO of WorkBook APAC, knows how these agency issues work against productivity, creativity and, of course, profitability. And if any of these pains and issues sound familiar to you, don’t hesitate to reach out to Carl and WorkBook. Just email Carl at cw@workbook.net and let them know what you need!


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