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The Ever-Changing Role of the Marketing Manager


Marketing has evolved so much. In a short span of just 10 years, we saw the emergence of social media, email marketing, personalised search results, analytics, smartphones, ecommerce, marketing automation and more. With the onslaught of the Internet, many businesses and brands are struggling to keep up with technology and, more importantly, how their customers and potential clients interact with the new technologies.

The core basic functions of a marketer is the same over the years – marketing is still about effectively communicating and sharing the value of a business’s product or service to the target audience. Ultimately, the goal is to persuade potential customers to choose a brand over other competitors.

In recent years, technology has changed how we do marketing traditionally. Rapid communication developments present marketers with so many new opportunities in terms of channel choices, digital strategy and speed at which marketing campaigns can be executed. As such, marketers need to switch their focus from brand messaging to the individual customer – where to find them, what their motivations are, which stage of the customer journey that are at etc.

As digital channels like social media and mobile technology become more advanced, marketers need to keep up with the times and learn new skills that are crucial for them to be adaptable to the developments of these popular communication channels.

11216839_1440809706224395_7921159764062507915_nAs we are preparing for the Digital Marketing Summit Asia 2016 event, we noticed the high level of interest and need in the market for education in digital marketing. People tell us that the scope of any marketing roles has expanded to include digital and traditional marketers are scrambling to get educated to stay relevant in the market.

A quick browse over LinkedIn and other job portals, you will also notice that digital marketing is a key skills requirement most companies are looking out for in a marketing role.

So what does the scope of digital marketing entail?

Source: www.relatably.com
Source: www.relatably.com

A digital marketing manager in the market will cover a whole spectrum of duties which include:

  • Social media marketing
  • Online marketing
  • SEO and SEM
  • Web analytics
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • and many more…

According to a study done by Jobkred,

Social Media Marketing is now a top 5 skill requirement for Marketing Managers, with over 50% of current marketing managers either possessing this skill, or the skill being required in job descriptions. Similarly, online marketing and digital marketing are highly important skills for the modern Marketing Manager to obtain.

This presents a gap in the market and this is a need that the Digital Marketing Summit Team wants to fill. And our first step is bringing knowledge to the masses through our inaugural event of the year – the Digital Marketing Summit Asia 2016 – that is happening 11th-15th July 2016. To lower the barriers of entry and making it less of a hassle for our attendees, we are hosting this entirely ONLINE. This is so that anyone around the region can participate and learn, regardless of where you are located.

Marketing managers need to be equipped with digital skills to keep up with customers. As technology becomes an integral part of our lives, new channels like social media, mobile apps, messaging apps or even AR/VR are going to dominate the customer journey and businesses need to to be ready by incorporating these digital channels into their plans.

Another vital element in marketing strategy to consider is data. Data is so available in this day and age because everything done on digital can be tracked. With that information, marketers can customise and personalise their marketing activities to the individual customer. These would not have been possible in the past.

With data, marketing plans now has to be less rigid. Marketing activities need to be more fluid to react quickly and accurately by using data to be effective. The good thing about measurement is marketers can now test and tweak campaigns to achieve maximum ROI while at the same time save costs.

In a way, businesses are now more connected to their customers because of data. Brands can learn more about customer requirements and get direct feedback through social media channels. This can be a boon and a bane for brands and businesses. As customers now have digital channels to air their concerns (and often unhappiness), marketers need to include public relations and customer service in their plans as well. An effective crisis communication plan needs to be in place and ready to be activated as and when necessary. All these need to be integrated into the overall marketing plan and the marketer needs to be equipped with the appropriate digital knowledge to be able to navigate digital channels effectively.


Good news is, technology is enabling the automation of all that. Depending on your requirements, there are free and paid tools out there that can suit your needs. An example of a great tool for web analytics is Google Analytics. It fulfils the basic needs of analysing ROI and the best part is – it is free to use. Another example of a useful tool for marketing automation is GetResponse – the world’s easiest email marketing solutions provider. However technology can only do this much, marketers still need to acquire soft skills such as how to be personable in marketing communications on digital.

All in all, the velocity of technological advancements compels marketers of today to continually look out for new ways to reach out to their market. It is imperative for marketers to update themselves on changes in the digital space and learn strategies from others in the community to stay relevant.

We are building a 10,000 strong community at the Digital Marketing Summit Asia 2016 this July! Join us to meet Asia’s leading digital marketing professionals and learn about how you can capitalise on the digital trends this year. Here’s the agenda of our 5-day Summit jam-packed with all the information for your digital marketing needs. Get your ticket today!


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